Do you ever dream about the possibilities that God has for you?



Each month, join your girlfriends in life-giving conversations as you discover the hope, peace and power of God’s promises.


                  What Is Lineage of Love?

You are a daughter of The King.  The King’s name is Jesus, and He has plans for your life that surpass your boldest dreams!  Lineage of Love creates a pathway for you to journey through the Bible and discover God’s whispered messages of love and hope.



A small group of women- we think five or six is ideal.



Use your Lineage of Love journal to study God’s Word and discover what He says about relationships, forgiveness, identity and peace, just to name a few.



Once a month, gather with your group to discuss what you’ve discovered.



Authentic friendships with women; A deeper understanding of God’s purpose for your life;    Freedom to let go of the past; Hope to embrace His promises for your future.



Is It For Me?

Curious?  Check out a preview of the LOL Journal:


In January 2012, I started writing the Lineage of Love material.  I chose topics that seemed relevant to most women and began searching the Bible to discover what God had to say about those topics.  It’s amazing, really, that the words on the pages of my Bible were written thousands of years ago, in such dissimilar societies and cultures, yet they relate to my life today.  Here I am, wife of a business owner and mom to 3 teenage boys, and I can find hope and comfort  in the words written centuries ago by Moses and David.   Although our daily chores and schedules look quite different, I can relate to the fears and the faith I see in Esther and Ruth.


Where do you find yourself today?

•  Are you overwhelmed by the demands in your life?

•  Do you have a dream or desire to do something meaningful and significant?

•  Is it a struggle for you to see yourself as a beautiful and valuable woman?

•  Do you want to love others the way Jesus intended?

•  Are you searching for peace in the midst of a difficult situation?


God’s Word has promises for you!   But how will you ever know unless you open your Bible and discover His message?

Take your first step into into a deeper relationship with Jesus.   Join us in the Lineage of Love journey!





About Us



Guiding Scripture

Creating opportunity for women to walk in the freedom of Christ and discover His purpose for their life.


John 8:36 promises, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”   God wants you to walk in His designed purpose.  When you are set free from the weight of regret and hurt, your heart opens to the promise and possibility of God’s extraordinary plan!

God–centered, relationship-driven, intentional living for women.



When you commit to the Lineage of Love journey and decide that this ONE THING is a sacred appointment between yourself, God and the women in your group, there is no limit to what God can do.  He wants to infuse His love and His healing into every part of your life.


Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!

(Luke 1:45)


When an angel appeared to Mary, a young virgin, and told her she was carrying the child who would become the Savior of the world, she had two choices- believe what God was promising her, or allow doubt, fear and anger to settle in her heart.  Mary chose to believe, and God blessed her for it.  God has promises for your life, too.  Walk the journey with us and discover His goodness


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Women Crave Relationships

We love to talk, process and figure out life together.  We find value in bouncing ideas off one another. We want shoulders to cry on, laughter to share, and the support of our girlfriends.  We can talk for hours on a single idea, and become invigorated while searching for answers together.


Relationships matter, and Lineage of Love believes in the power of authentic friendships based in God’s truths.    Whether you do this thing with one friend, in a small group, or with your entire women’s ministry, we know that your life and your lineage will be forever changed!


Allow God to transform your heart, heal your relationships, ignite your dreams, and unfold His purpose for your life!




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